Saturday, 3 November 2012

Addicted to Addiction

Still trying to find a civil response to some of the points expressed in the comments to this. In the meantime I made the error or following one of the links to a post mentioned.

It begins;
A third of the population could be addicted to food and the problem should be treated as a medical condition, says an addiction expert.
It continues;
Professor Doug Sellman believes the symptoms of being hooked on food are similar to those seen in drug and alcohol addicts, but those grappling with the affliction receive no support or funding. 
Really, so what's this like? Similar to symptoms found in drug and alcohol addicts. That's right, fat people experience these things from being fat 'addicted to food'.

Haven't you noticed that you have been as high as a kite for years? Well don't worry, there's "research" to fill you in. Notice how fat people keep needing to be told the most obvious things about ourselves from 'research"?

As if we aren't aware of our own existence or something.

All will be revealed; the totally altered reality, filled with visual and auditory hallucinations, intense feelings of pleasure, lowered inhibition, messed up co-ordination etc.,

The real shock is that all this can happen without you even noticing, but hey, neither did your family or friends. Unlike the addiction of drugs and alcohol which can be viewed objectively by others.

But don't let me deprive you of more of the hard stuff;
Like people with methamphetamine, you don't get the shaking but it's the craving, feeling deprived and really needing it.
I see what he did there. It's not like methamphetamine at all, which necessitates mentioning it. Like don't think of an elephant. What else is it not like/ like?
"It's like they need those particular foods as if their lives depended on it.
I confess! I sometimes do feel like my life depends on particular foods, especially if I wish to eat that particular food and not any other. That comes out of our basic leaning toward seeking energy. Our primary nutrient need means we all have an in-built and powerful attraction towards energy dense foods. It's even part of the attraction (and effect) of alcohol.

I think this is about my fave;
The need for food "hijacks" the brain's limbic system, which is responsible for the body's survival instincts - in effect, the brain tricks the body into needing more and more food.
The necessity of food hijacks the very system helping to ensure we fulfil the necessities of survival-such as eating.

Okay. This is not really understanding how eating and food functions. That's true of most 'food addiction' experts/advocates. They trade on the 'obesity' cult hype, which places the direction of its definitions totally in the hands of professionals and is then applied to the people concerned. It's not direct observation. 
Like drug addictions, people addicted to food needed increasingly large "hits".
 Sounds like they'll need increasingly large "shits" too.
Even though they know it's bad for them, they still just feel this drive to eat.
Oh you know these people can't hear themselves at all. No critical faculties are being engaged internally, or externally.

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